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6. Battery Basics: Flooded, AGM, and Gel batteries are the same!?

Updated: Dec 4, 2021

MYTH: Even though all AGM, GEL and flooded batteries are classified as lead acid, the internal construction of the battery divides them into their respective categories:

FACTS: AGM are the latest batteries! They are sealed and use a separator consisting of fiberglass between the plate to hold electrolyte in its place with capillary action. Flooded or “WET CELL' batteries are the most common. Flooded batteries use the lead plates, sulfuric acid electrolyte, and plate separators but the acid flows free within the battery. GEL batteries are also sealed like AGM. However, unlike an AGM, they use a silica material to turn the sulphuric acid into a jelly like substance. This jelly is then used as the electrolyte.

SUGGESTIONS: Gels are best in Deep Cycle applications.

MYTH BUSTER SERIES - Battery Basics! We hope these blog posts will help dispel some mistakenly held common myths and reinforce the essential truths that keep your battery in good working order! Here at All Rural Mechanical we aim to help our customers understand their vehicles, avoid pitfalls and share tips to prevent potential problems. Never hesitate to Contact Us for more information:

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