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4. BATTERY BASICS: “Maintenance Free” batteries never require maintenance?!

Updated: Dec 4, 2021

MYTH: What happens to water on roads, in cups, etc. during summer? Evaporation! The same thing happens in batteries.

FACTS: In hot climates, the water in the electrolyte can evaporate due to the high under-hood temperatures. Therefore, non-sealed batteries can be a benefit in hot climates because you can easily add distilled water when evaporation occurs. Many maintenance-free, 0T sealed batteries are designed so that the gas vented during charging collects and is “recombined" back into the battery.

SUGGESTIONS: The best maintenance is good charging with proper cables.

MYTH BUSTER SERIES - Battery Basics! We hope these blog posts will help dispel some mistakenly held common myths and reinforce the essential truths that keep your battery in good working order! Here at All Rural Mechanical we aim to help our customers understand their vehicles, avoid pitfalls and share tips to prevent potential problems. Never hesitate to Contact Us for more information:

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