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3. BATTERY BASICS: A battery can explode?

Updated: Dec 4, 2021

TRUTH: A wet, lead acid battery produces hydrogen and oxygen gasses.

FACTS: Fortunately, vent caps in batteries help prevent explosions that occur when jumping. connecting or disconnecting charger/cables, and starting the engine. Keep in mind that a battery explosion will most likely cause eye and burn injury rather than create a Hollywood style explosion scenario.

SUGGESTION: It is very important that all sparks, flames and heat are nowhere near a battery that is charging or being cycled; and always wear the appropriate personal protective equipment when working near batteries.

MYTH BUSTER SERIES - Battery Basics! We hope these blog posts will help dispel some mistakenly held common myths and reinforce the essential truths that keep your battery in good working order! Here at All Rural Mechanical we aim to help our customers understand their vehicles, avoid pitfalls and share tips to prevent potential problems. Never hesitate to Contact Us for more information. Visit our website:

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