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1. BATTERY BASICS: Storing a battery on a concrete floor will discharge them?

Updated: Dec 4, 2021

MYTH: In the past, when battery cases were made out of wood, the rate of discharge was accelerated.

FACT: Today, battery cases are made of polypropylene or hard rubber which seal better and allow discharge to no longer be a problem.

SUGGESTION: Keep the top of your battery clean and keep the battery at a cool temperature, because temperature stratification within large batteries can accelerate the internal "leakage" i.e. Cell-discharge may be more likely if your battery is sitting on a floor that is either too cold or too warm.

MYTH BUSTER SERIES - Battery Basics! We hope these blog posts will help dispel some mistakenly held common myths and reinforce the essential truths that keep your battery in good working order! Here at All Rural Mechanical we aim to help our customers understand their vehicles, avoid pitfalls and share tips to prevent potential problems. Never hesitate to Contact Us for more information. Visit our website:

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